2ne1 dating ban

When they were trainees, meal times of male and female trainees were arranged differently to avoid seeing each other.

Even when an idol went to the convenience store, her manager would follow her.

Been learning from experience in a long time, YG Entertainment finally decided to have a more strict management plan for their 3rd generation idols to avoid repeating the failures of their “sunbae” in the past.

If before, Big Bang was allowed to freely drive, drink, smoke, or date, now, all of these are completely banned by YG.

Winner shared that, their company do not allow the boys to buy a car or drive by themselves. The reason is, Daesung used to cause a motorcyclist’s death due to his car accident, while Seungri drove over the speed limit and also caused another accident. Teddy and 2NE1 have so far completed 7 songs for their Korean.So right now they are working on their Korean album and their US album/debut with Will.Apart from cars, YG’s male artists are currently not allowed to use skateboards, too.YG is trying their best to keep their idols’ images clean without scandals. The president Yang Hyun Suk was very worried for Black Pink.

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Before, YG Entertainment is known as cool, rebel and even odd styles even in their music such as 2NE1, Big Bang.

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