7 habits of highly effective dating

Playing to win means that you are actively taking steps towards reaching your goals.It differs for each person, but generally it means that you’re interacting with women on a regular basis, and that you show sexual intent (meaning you don’t act like a platonic friend if that’s not what you’re looking for).This is easier said than done, but the first step to doing so is understanding that 1. yes, you can take action no matter how much your emotions try to convince you otherwise. According to Stephen Covey, there are four key areas of your life: -The physical (eating well, exercising, etc.).

Footnotes: *You might have noticed that the last three habits, are different from the 7 habits of highly effective people.And second, if you’re having lots of sex but your health is declining, and you feel spiritually empty, it’s not going to bring you much happiness.On the flip side of that coin, many guys tell themselves that they’ll wait to do game until they’ve mastered the other areas of their life.Personally, I make a point to exercise, interact with strangers, learn something new, and meditate every day.Your personal strategy for sharpening the saw may be completely different, but even if you live a busy life, you can find time to put just a little effort into each of these areas- and your increased well-being will be worth the effort.

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