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She's of the opinion that men are generally emotionally "younger" than women and sees nothing strange about the age gap.

One of her best friends is about her age and goes out with someone much older.

We met online years ago (not a dating site) and like it or not there is still a lot of stigma attached to this. If you are speaking of her or your family or friends, only they can tell us.

People might think of the age gap and wonder how we met, and as yet neither of us know the best thing to say. If you are speaking of society in general, you are of what I have been told are the limits of respectability.

We are kind of at the same "stage" in life having both finished university and both working.

I have seen how having different expectations can change lots of stuff just like with life things might not work out.

I would i guess try to get feedback on her way of seeing things as well so that will give u an idea.

I do see this like a good thing between u two but i just wanted to put alittle different spin on the subject. However depending on the age you use you can get a huge age cap. Don't let society or someone else's "rules" tell you how to live, so long as you're not breaking any laws!

I think what's important here is that you are at similar stages in life- both completed college and working.

I wouldn't say that men in general are more immature than women (seems a grossly ignorant generalization, doesn't it?

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