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Otherwise, there are no major side-effects, although some women experience period irregularities and breast tenderness.

If you don’t fit into these groups and have tried everything under the sun to keep deep-seated spots at bay, spironolactone could be ‘the one’- make an appointment with your GP or dermatologist to assess whether it’s right for you.

Antibiotics may be prescribed at higher doses than what is really needed to treat acne.

While antibiotics can kill the bacteria associated with acne, it’s their anti-inflammatory effects, not their antimicrobial effects, that yield the biggest skin-clearing benefits.

As anyone who’s ever experienced a tenacious breakout will agree, acne is very often tricky to treat, and many strong prescription treatments such as roaccutane, while mightily effective for some, involve serious side-effects or aren’t suitable for longer term use.

Which is where an acne medication that you may not have heard of comes in.

While best known as a bothersome part of puberty, affecting approximately 85 percent of young people, acne can persist (or even start) in adulthood, causing emotional and physical distress and sometimes permanent disfigurement.As with all treatments on earth, spironolactone has its contraindications.Dr Sam states that those with a strong family history of breast cancer may be advised not to take it, and if you’re looking to conceive, it’s not a good option as it can have a feminising effect on a male foetus.Which is where spironolactone could come in, as it’s safe to take long-term.That said…Don’t expect a miraculous clear-up- Dr Sam reports that it can take up to three months for acne to show an improvement, although you should notice that you’re far less oily after about six weeks.

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