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Before attending school in town he had never seen the game of basketball played and was thrilled to learn and become a member of the team.

The years leading up to Valburg’s graduation brought exciting changes for the family and ranch.

“I may not be able to corral cattle from the air, but I can sure drive and round them up!

” says Bill Valburg local farmer, rancher and pilot.

Though horses served as an essential part of farm work they also offered a convenient means of transportation for the children.

Valburg attended the Kneville school, a small country school two miles from the family ranch for two grades and the following six years he attended Ring Thunder country school.

A large livestock sale was scheduled to be held in Nebraska and the easiest way to get there was to fly.

So I wasn’t sure how flying would go.” He began taking lessons in Draper and sure enough the motion sickness hit him every time.

There was no roadway to Ring Thunder available at that time so the children put their horses to good use.

Valburg shared memories of riding his horse four miles across the Badlands to school everyday, rain or shine.

He recalls taking a three day cattle drive to move their herd down to the new ranch.

The place in Jones County came ready to move into with a ranch house included on the property.

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