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There are so many ways for a business to take payments these days it is almost dizzying.Of course you take credit cards but can you integrate with mobile wallets? Can your customers pay you online as well as in person, how about over the phone?However, instead of writing them a physical check that they then have to deposit and wait for the money to be credited to their account the funds are transferred immediately.

Offering alternative payment options means more flexibility for new and existing customers and can increase brand loyalty.For example, if you want help brainstorming, you should have read all of your materials.If you want help with structure, try to create a sample outline.Whether you refer to it as an e Check, EFT (electronic funds transfer) or ACH payment electronic payments account for over trillion in payments annually.Here we will delve into what the different terms mean and what types of businesses can benefit from accepting them. It is basically an electronic check, a way to pay a company for services rendered.

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