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In the past, the practical reason for bed courting was comfort.When homes were heated by fireplaces and had hard wooden furniture, the bed was the warmest, most comfortable place to socialize.Since everyone goes to Church every other week, it is makes sense for the older kids to stay late to mix and match.If a couple hits it off, the Amish dating process with the boy asking the girl if he can drive her home. At that late hour, the household will be sleeping so they have plenty of privacy.They may sit up long into the night getting to know each other.The boy makes the long buggy trip home in the wee hours of the morning.The more conservative couples practice traditional Amish dating customs.

Couples from more progressive churches that have drifted more toward the modern world might go into town for the evening.

All Amish are simple and plain and cut off from society.

They don’t use electricity, which means they can’t drive cars, can’t use phones and can’t use the Internet.

As fireplaces and hard wooden chairs were replaced by central heating and comfortable sitting rooms, bundling faded (almost entirely) from the scene.

In ultra-conservative groups like the Swartzentruber Amish or the Nebraska Amish, homes are still heated by wood stoves and furnished with plain furniture with no upholstering.

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Education is inextricably linked to childhood and teenagers, and to have that be taken away from them means they will border on stupidity, not knowing history, English, science, and math that will continue to be taught beyond the time they have to drop out. Here is another messed-up rule that Amish girls need to live by.

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