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And Nick Jonas has reportedly moved on from his last fling to begin dating Westworld star Angela Sarafyan, 34, according to Us Weekly.The 25-year-old singer doesn't seem to mind the nine-year age difference as he admitted during a 2016 interview with Elle UK that he has a certain type.Last month, Nick was seen kissing another woman, Annalisa Azaredo, while on a date in Australia. He later spoke about how he prefers to keep his personal life more private.He's known for dating some of the worlds most beautiful women.He played Benjamin from the Egyptian coven in 2012’s The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2.Angela Sarafyan from HBO’s Westworld played his on-screen love interest in the movie.

https:// FDIz K/Around the time Rami Malek was filming Larry Crowne in 2010, he was seen out and about with an unknown woman.Rumors that Malek and Sarafyan were more than just co-stars began circulating.Twilight fans all over believed that they were a real-life couple.There is no solid evidence as to whether or not they dated (unlike former Twilight power couple, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson).With no way to confirm if these two were a thing, Malek and Sarafyan’s romance rumors eventually faded.

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