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Much as she normally liked doing things for herself, she'd been enjoying bossing him around this afternoon. He wanted his friends to know, but he had never told anyone ever and after all they'd been through, well...

And he did still owe her for burning her feet, even though... There was a reason Fire Nation etiquette around all sleeping firebenders was to sit politely until someone woke up on their own, or to call their first name or a nickname if absolutely necessary. It would look like he hadn't trusted them back then.

He would never be as paranoid as Azula had been, even in the years before she began to truly lose her mind, but he knew it would be years, decades maybe, before all of the Fire Nation accepted the new way of things.(How odd, that he felt the need for guards among his own people, but not in the middle of a nation that was not his to command.)The orange of the sunset was playing in Mai's hair now, and he had to look at her and grin.

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