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You can't really work in finance with a full sleeve covering your hands.

Someone who's inclined toward the ordinary wouldn't be the type to express himself through body ink.

Forget what you were told, the guy with tattoos makes an awesome, passionate boyfriend.

He wants to take a bite out of life and you'd do well to take one out of him.

There isn't anything wrong with choosing to get tattoos; it just takes a certain kind of man to indulge -- one who's romantic, artistic and a little impulsive.

Nothing can quite pull attention like the appearance of a well-pronounced tattoo, and nothing is quite as sexy -- unless he has a man bun and a beard, in which case you better put a ring on it, girl.

The man with tattoos isn't prone to the callous and he isn't one to build walls.Just like the art he's expressed over his skin, he wants to paint a picture in the world, one where he's made a difference. Nothing says “commitment” like having a picture stamped to your body for life. He knows there's no turning back, no backing down at the last minute and letting someone down. There's an enticing mystery in the story of his ink -- something vibrant and maybe a little damaging covering his beautiful skin in a patchwork of pictures.He's always a question to be answered and will never cease to keep your attention with that dark shadow of a riddle.He's aware of his feelings, even if he doesn't wallow in them.He is inclined to human emotion — it's a display of masculinity he's comfortable with.

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