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Professor Skeat gave a lifetime of study to the subject, and his results are presented so clearly and conveniently that the book can be used without difficulty by those who have no special training in philology. By the same author AN ETYMOLOGICAL DICTIONARY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE OXFORD UNIFERSITT PRESS ID NY PUBLIC LIBRARY THE BRANCH LIBRARIES /n--^ A.

accoutrer, formerly also accoustrer, to dress, array.

part, of adiiitdre, to assist, frequent, of ad-itmare, to aid.

ad, to; minis- trdre, to serve, from minister, a servant.

A Concise Etymological Dictionary of the English Language WALTER W.

SKEAT The Concise Etymological Dictionary ranks among the most useful of readers' companions, for it can be relied on to throw light on the origins and relation- ships of most English words in ordinary use, and of many rarer words whose history is especially curious or instructive.

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