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Think about the envy of the kids at school when they walk past your mixed race children as they whisper to themselves “look at that perfect light brown honey skin” also, think of the embarrassment you’ll save for yourself because your kids won’t use tanning spray that would have otherwise made them look like the Guido on Jersey Shore.You can thank this article when you get your groove on with an Indian guy.2.Indians are more likely to save money, earn more, have higher household incomes, and have college degrees.9.Indian men are less likely to be commitment phobic because India values marriage highly which is evident in Indian movies which are akin to American chick flicks and since women like chick flicks he’s more likely to cuddle with you while watching said movies and you’ll end up watching it with the captions on too.Next thing you know, you got a bunch of Indians coming to America in the 1960s and 1970s that have hairy chests and the white women go nuts, realize that the blend of white genes with brown genes will result in the perfect amount of body hair for their offsprings.5.You’ll rarely see an Indian serial killer or psycho or womanizer in America: — You’ll see more white guys shoot their wives to death, then, stab their dogs, kill their kids, burn down the house and then kill themselves over debt and marriage problems.So, if you are a black woman who seeks an Indian man, do not feel you will not be liked but think about what kind of a man you want to be with.

Alochna Moodley, 26, played right into his hands when she referred to two fellow Kulula passengers by the k-word in a Whats App message.

You’re more likely to be stalked by a sexual predator whose a white guy or black guy than a guy whose Indian.6.

Your racism toward Indian people (and other ethnicities) are not your own7.

But marriages like this do exist and have overcome society's prejudice toward them. We were still concerned about what people thought of us when we were together. The more time we spent together, the more I got to know her family and vice versa.

Pop star Lloyd Cele and his wife Janice Cele, both 36 years old, have been proudly married for eleven years. We eventually didn't care what people thought of us and focused on ourselves and building our relationship," he says.

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Indian men are less to cheat on you and dumping you for an arranged marriage is a misconception: — Statistically, Indian men are less likely to cheat on you than White men because its a lot harder for Indian guys to get laid with white women, hence, they are less likely to cheat.8.

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  1. It would be a much better idea to try introducing yourself to any other people, especially a group of people, who are in close proximity. Who knows, it’s quite on the cards that they might know the attractive female or, better still, be on good terms or actual friends of hers?