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Shortly afterward, however, he is accused of having murdered Ultra Boy's ex-girlfriend himself.To prove his innocence, he finds Stargrave and defeats him.Brainiac is an Uncommon Fortnite skin that uses the Jonesy no-skin model and Zombifies it!If you are looking to celebrate Halloween on a budget in Fortnite, then this skin is a pretty nice way to do it.Beyond this, however, Brainiac 5's history was relatively unaffected by the Crisis, although it would be some time before he received an origin that reflected the new Brainiac 1.Following the death of the pocket universe Superboy, Brainiac 5 is one of a number of Legionnaires who swear revenge on the Time Trapper. The Infinite Man and Time Trapper seemingly destroy each other, but Brainiac 5 quits the Legion after being accused of murdering Professor Rugarth. 3) #63 (Aug 1989), shortly before the "Five Year Gap".Brainiac 5's ingenuity led to the invention of, amongst other things, the Legion flight ring (perfecting an invention of the original Invisible Kid based on a metal discovered by Mon-El), the anti-lead serum that allowed Mon-El to leave the Phantom Zone and the force field belt which became the signature device of the character.Another of Brainiac 5's creations had less beneficial effects: the super computer Computo, which attempted to take over the world, killing one of Triplicate Girl's three selves in the process.

Around this time, he corrects another of his mistakes by finding a way of controlling Computo.He is stopped by Matter-Eater Lad, who eats the machine, and both are committed to a mental institution (the energies of the Machine having driven Matter-Eater Lad insane).Brainiac 5 eventually recovers his sanity and rejoins the group.He successfully destroyed his creation with "an anti-matter force".Another experiment led to the transformation of fellow scientist Professor Jaxon Rugarth into the psychotic, all-powerful Infinite Man in conjunction with honorary Legionnaire Rond Vidar.

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