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By reading 1-2 lines, you can easily get inspired to take action.

Plus eating them can reduce cholesterol, blood pressure, and inflammation.

Low in fat, packed with fiber, full of vitamins, minerals, and of course, antioxidants, an artichoke-a-day could indeed keep the doctor away.

You may have watched some of them before but they are worth watching again. Nick is by far the most motivational and inspirational person.

Nick, born with no limbs, shows us how to find something few people ever find in their entire life.

Like blueberries, raspberries are also jammed full of compounds called anthocyanins, which have powerful anti-inflammatory effects.

Blueberries may contain the highest amount of antioxidants among all commonly consumed fruits and vegetables, making them the poster-child for antioxidative benefits.They’re also naturally rich in antioxidants that help with both heart health and blood sugar control.Despite their sweetness, strawberries are full of water, making them a low-carb choice.Add in the fact that they’re nutritious in many other ways, not to mention delicious, and you’ve got an antioxidant that’s equally at home on the breakfast, lunch, or dinner table.Strawberries are a great source of vitamin C, manganese, folate (vitamin B9), and potassium.

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Here is the basic rundown: Antioxidants are chemical compounds often found naturally in food, which, once consumed, negate the effects of free radicals in the human body.

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