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I've tried researching it myself, but either my google-fu is weak, or there aren't really any good articles available. tl;dr My dad thinks C14 in diamonds is proof the earth can't be billions of years old. Way to show why r/askscience is now a default sub-reddit =DC14 dating only works on once-living specimens.

C14 is created from nitrogen in the atmosphere when it gets hit by cosmic rays, so there's a relatively constant amount in the air at all times.

Sorry if this strays from the topic and breaks rules. (pun very much intended)Here's a video of some dude explaining the C14 in diamonds.

In the write up for the video he cites some studies.

By either mechanism, this is essentially internal contamination.

A standard test for determining if ethanol is made from plants (making it legal for human consumption) or petroleum (making it illegal) is to measure the C14.

The age of the clay was estimated to be between 5000-50,000 years old by J. All were less than 40,000 RC years except for 21; most of the latter 21 were about the same age as for unfossilized wood from drill core samples deep in the permafrost of Prudhoe Bay Alaska: (a) 43,380 ± 380 RC years at 60m depth Vasil'chuk et al. Agenbroad, "The warm spring waters that infiltrated the sinkhole leached out the collagen in the bones." The RC ages for a musk ox carcass frozen in Alaskan, USA, muck gave dates of 24,140 ± 2200 years and 17,210 ± 500 RC years BP respectively for scalp muscle tissue and hair according to R. One case in point came from the study of tektites in Victoria, Australia [Lake Torrens and Lake Eyre regions] called australites. Younger ages for fission tracks were ascribed to partial annealing of fission tracks by reheating on the earth's surface. concluded: "Although RC ages were inconsistent, field work on geology of australite occurrences favored the ‘younger' C-14 age of charcoal believed associated with australites, as well as geologic evidence, indicated age between last glacial and 6000-7000 BP." 50 times younger RC dates suggest that a major asteroid impact occurred in that region only several thousand years ago not 800,000 years BP. RC dating of core drilling specimens from the more famous Chicxalub crater in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico should also be RC dated since the explosion of the volcano or asteroid that produced that crater is thought to have caused the supposed demise of the dinosaurs 65 millions years ago.

In other words, the readings are consistent with zero C14 content.The problem: If the material is too old, the small amount of C14 present may not decay in the measurement interval.Newer, more accurate techniques use mass spectroscopy. The most common contaminant is nitrogen, 0.1% in gem-quality diamonds.I've had a couple long-running debates with my father, one major topic being creationism.While he is absolutely entitled to his beliefs as a young-earth creationist, he continually tries to use "scientific facts" to prove his beliefs to me.

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Nonetheless, dinosaur bone apatite had been successfully RC dated in the late 1980's/early 1990's and significant amounts of C-14 were detected and reported.

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