Case verification and updating tools

Before making any changes, check if your site is domain or prefix validated.

You can test this by clicking on your domain in the top left corner, right below the Google Search Console text.

Address verification ensures that you never lose a customer again.

Smart Soft DQ offers standalone products, address validation APIs and toolkits that will easily integrate into your existing address-dependent applications.

GA might not register hits if the site is not redirecting properly to https.

The language on the screenshots is not English, but it will look the same in English.

This button will appear on the bottom of the dropdown menu.

Then click “view settings” and change the website url.

Now, change the protocol to https for both url’s That’s it! If Really Simple SSL fixed your issues and/or saved you time, you might consider buying the premium plugin to support the continuing development of the plugin.

After clicking ‘Add property’ a popup should appear, here you can enter your domain with https://

If your site uses https:// without www, enter https://.

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