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We tend to pass judgments based on something we think we know.

Regardless, back to my point that growing up in the US and being familiar with western “dating rituals” allowed me to fully explore the breath of diversity that is women (or at least Asian women).

For example, Chinese people (like my aunt) love Korean dramas and have all these predispositions about how Korean girls are, but if you ask them if they’ve ever met or know a Korean person, the answer is usually no.

I guess this is just a human characteristic, and probably happens everywhere.

And yes ladies, keeping it clean down there is the progressive thing to do.

In terms of levels of attractiveness, it was a trick question to begin with.

Similarly, if you’re in say LA and you hit up Exchange on a Saturday night, there’s a very good mix of ABC’s and fresh immigrants from China.

There are some key similarities and differences, albeit stereotypes, that characterize the two groups of girls.

Being the filial son that I am, I’m stuck with basically two categories of Chinese girls: Westernized or FOB. Picture Sloan from , never mind the obvious physical endowments, but personality wise, she’s intelligent, has a sense of humor, adventurous and independent (until in season eight you find out that she gets a 200K monthly allowance, but by this point I’m already smitten). And maybe I’m not looking in the right places in China, but a good majority of the mainland local girls do not reflect the characteristics I just described. I grew up in America, I have American standards, and of course, I’ll be more attracted to Americanized girls.I love a girl you can take home to mama, but will get down in the back of a rental car. But I also have a lot of friends who grew up in the States, but have this natural affinity for FOB girls. You’re in your late-20s and looking for something fun, but potentially serious if it’s the right girl.With the recent newfound wealth of Chinese parents, and the influx of exchange students outwards to US universities, this line of Americanized vs FOB is not only getting contrast in a more diverse China, but the starkness can be seen in the US as well (culture and reverse culture shock I guess). If you’re in Beijing you go to Vics, which has a decent mix of local girls as well as expats and exchange students alike.But remember, if you don’t see a repeating occurrence, it doesn’t count.One slutty white girl doesn’t make all white girls slutty.

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