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Especially if you’ve been living alone for a while, the reality of having your peace, tranquillity and order shattered, can be quite a shock to the system, but once you get used to it, it can also be incredibly rewarding, meaningful and fulfilling.

This profound failure by Christian men is most evident when approaching the topic of now rampant single motherhood and how it has come to pass.

In this two-part series, I offer some tips and insights for single parents who’re dating and those who may be dating a parent.

Whether you have kids yourself or are considering someone who does, it’s important to be aware of how both you and they will be affected.

Nature gives biological parents (with a few exceptions) a fierce bond of enduring love with their offspring, a tool that assists invaluably in the act of raising and bearing with them, no matter how hard things get.

Foster and adoptive parents undergo substantial training and professional preparation, but as a step-parent, you must take on an unclear and tricky to navigate pseudo-parental role without any of this.

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Seek out others who’ve worked through the process themselves and make the most of the same people you’d go to for advice if it were your own children: parents, grandparents, friends who are parents/teachers/carers and parents/teachers/carers in your community.

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