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He has been working professionally since he was 16.

He sincerely wants to know what I think about a particular topic, and he listens to what I’m saying, asking follow up questions or looking into books or documentaries I bring up.Although it seemed we had quite a bit in common, I was afraid he and I wouldn’t be at similar stages in our lives. I thought I knew who I was, but I really had only scratched the surface of growing into that person.And I’ve dated so many men in their mid- to late-30s these days who still have no clue how to navigate an adult, long-term relationship. I found out the Kid was taking college courses as a freshman in high school.When I asked him about this, he said he’d been married for 15 years to one woman, and then was married for one year, saying that had been really poor judgment.He invites me to a show his band is playing in a couple days.

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