Dating a man in the air force

Enlisted Performance Reports (EPRs) – 250 Points There have been a lot of changes made to the enlisted performance reports within the last year.

Long story short, nearly every Airman received a high rating which began to inflate the system.

Once the list of selectees is created then they release the results across the Air Force at one time.

Leadership get the first look at the list so they can make a big deal about it.

Now the Air Force initiated what is called “Forced Distribution.” This means that commanders can only give out a certain percentage of ratings which is intended to preserve the integrity of the rating process.

Specifically how promotions weigh performance reports, time in service and time in grade.Skills Knowledge Test (SKT) – 100 Points The SKT is much like testing for your Skill Level.In fact, you’ll even use your CDC books to study for this portion.If you study, then you can make rank quickly…not, well you get the point.Let’s breakdown the components of the promotion system.

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