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This could change how reliant they are on themselves and other people, make them form closer bonds with family and friends, or even change life priorities.

One study found that the experience of a recent breakup resulted in personal growth, which the participants believed would help them form more positive relationships in the future.

A working model might include expectations about our self-worth, beliefs about how other people behave in relationships and ideas about what to expect from relationships.

But it’s not just childhood relationships that shape us – adult relationship histories can also influence relationships.

But you do not need to experience a breakup to begin forming healthier relationships.

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With time and practice, you should become more aware of these cues the moment they occur and this provides an opportunity to respond differently.

One piece of advice I have found useful is to use an IF-THEN plan.

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more It may seem that new relationships are entirely fuelled by dreams and hopes for a perfect future.

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The effects of childhood attachment become embedded in “working models” that influence how we form relationships in adulthood.

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