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Persons have sometimes been greatly astonished in noticing that two kinds of glass come from one furnace, but this will be understood when they are told, that there are several pots in one furnace, and that these pots do not communicate with each other, so that each might contain glass of different colors. This is adjoining the first batch room, and is 28x35 feet.

About one-third of the space is a deep vault, into which the sand is dumped directly from the street, through a large doorway, avoiding the necessity of driving the sand carts into the yard.

Upon being subjected to the excessive heat of the furnaces, the sand fuses and the clay hardens, so that the compound becomes vary solid and permanent, and will last many months, though enduring the intense flame necessary in melting glass.

Upon the floor we found some forty or fifty of these stones drying, the molds having been removed in order that the air might increase the process.

In the course of building up the walls of the pots there is much extra clay but this is not thrown away. This, with the dried chippings or parings is called pot shells.

Old pots are broken up, and reground and form burnt clay which is used over. The present composition of the clay for pots will be better understood.

In them the different ingredients are placed, in the proportions named above, and the whole thoroughly mixed together by the use of hoes and shovels. The beautiful purple or amber color we frequently see in wine bottles and heavy glass, is made precisely as we have already named, with certain additional portions of coloring matter.The remaining space is filled with barrels containing lime and other ingredients for the batch.POT ROOM This is a narrow room adjoining the sand cellar, and is only about 10 or 12 feet wide, though 28 feet long.When the pots are needed in the furnaces, those that are already the driest are picked out and placed in he pot oven, where they are allowed to remain nine or ten hours, while the heat, commenced moderately, is gradually increased until the pot has a temperature of approximately that of the furnace when it is transferred thereto.Were it not for this caution, the sudden and severe heat of the furnace would shiver the pots into fragments almost instantly. In another large room, 50x80 feet, stones were being manufactured for the use of the .

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The formula consists of three parts of raw clay, three parts pot shells, and two parts burnt clay; all of which must be thoroughly mixed and stamped before the composition is formed into rolls for building the pots. In the large room in which we now were, there were nearly fifty finished pots in process of drying, while the molders were at work making still more.

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