Dating coworkers lawsuit

Mixing work and romance is often a recipe for disaster. Show less Dating a coworker is a major office taboo—and for good reason.Before you choose to ask the hottie in the cubicle next to you for a date, read the employee handbook.

Here’s to hoping my friend goes for it and it works out in her favor.If you've read a number of company handbooks, you'll probably notice that many of them have a clause against dating coworkers.This is because workplace relationships often end up having pretty serious consequences for both employees and the company as a whole if they break up. When you walk in the door of employment you are in a different mode. "Only if you want to lose your job." Again, this applies only to certain situations. It's sexy and fun.” I mean, this is definitely Devil's Advocate. if it goes wrong then you just go back to work and keep doing your job, only interacting as the position requires.

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