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I'm just curious about whether there are others here who happen to believe having a dog as a deal breaker when looking for a potential date?

Would you actually not consider a second date if they revealed they owned a dog.

The first year of our relationship, I knew he has a family dog in China but it didn’t seem like he was a dog nutter until we got a dog together. After I can move out, I’ll never move in with another guy again. I’ve discovered many of my dealbreakers from this relationship so it is gonna be so hard to find someone who meets my requirements but it’s way better than settling. I've been married for 15 years to a wonderfully logical man.I only discovered his dog nutter side the past 3 months and let me tell you NOTHING he could’ve done in the past 2 years could make up for what he’s been like for the past 3 months.He’s been treating me like shit for not wanting another dog.That was an instant turn off, then she said its a pit mix but "she's super friendly".The way that dog was barking you would not know, and the dog went up to my thighs in height. I recently broke up with a dog nutter who I had been with for 2 years.

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