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Many of them talk about how their male partners have supported their decision to not shave or wax.

We understand the importance of freedom of expression, of breaking gender cliches, of not conforming to social pressures, and of being comfortable in your own skin.One 19-year-old undergraduate at Beijing Normal University for example, tells me she simply ‘doesn’t have’ hair in her armpits.In 2005, when Veet tried to make a foray into China, they experienced sluggish sales.But let's be honest, women aren't entirely blameless when it comes to projecting beauty stereotypes either.Fashion and glamour magazines, the multi-million-pound beauty industry, and high-profile female stars all promote a standardised, smooth-skinned feminine sexuality – they’re just as guilty as the much-criticised men’s mags of telling women how they should look, even if their approach is different.

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