Dating guidelines for newly divorced women

I am also extremely cautious of men who are in recovery, especially because I have young children in my home.

Which leads me to my catfish story and my next piece of advice.

I also found complaints on websites about him and how he had defrauded a charity.) This was the same guy. This time I didn’t let him get away without giving him a piece of my mind.

We had never met in person before so he didn’t know he was caught. ) I told him he looked nothing like his picture and he gave some lame excuse like “My kids don’t know I’m dating, so I use a different picture.” I spent the next twenty minutes trying to see if I could get him to be honest with me.

I was in a mood so I agreed to meet him for a short hike in a very public place that same day.

He told me that he no longer had a beard like the one in his picture because he had grown that as a dare for work.

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For example, I dated a fellow once that had a DUI not many months previously and was now required to blow into a breathalyzer in his vehicle before he could drive anywhere. If I didn’t have children, I might consider taking that kind of challenge on. If you have a history of dating someone with addictions, is it really a good idea to take it on?

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