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Many hands made light work of any job that came along.In those days they had only their meager methods of weather foresting and when it was necessary to get their crops planted, cared for and harvested, each helped the other. You are right it was, but the word “mutual aid” had not been coined at that time.Roofs were mainly thatched and a small spark would easily ignite the roof and the home would be destroyed.

A short time later a horse was purchased in Schenectady and this became the symbol of the official Schoharie County Seal, a white horse roaming the fertile Schoharie Valley.Photography has also played a great part in this presentation as old times photos have come to light and the preservation of the Niagara 6 fire engine purchased in Albany in 1867 and reposing in the Old Stone Fort Museum complex1 brings the present generation in touch with the equipment that was used in those early days. Our ancestors who settled this beautiful valley came mainly from German Palatine ancestors.It is the hope of the writer that much will be gained from this brief history and hopeful too that it may bring out more photos and newspaper articles relative to this historic all-volunteer organization of which I am proud to have been apart of for the past 52 years2. of Schoharie, the original name of the fire companies were, Schoharie Fire Company No. They had heard that this valley abounded tremendously in unexcelled fertile land.We’ve taken into account peer reviews, author reviews, and success rates.Here are the 3 best sex dating sites to use if you want to get laid in Middleburgh, New York.

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