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In the last few months the Sauk County Sheriff's Department has noticed a rise in reports of a type of internet fraud called "romance scams." Please read through this and share it with friends and family, especially if they utilize these types of sites.

While the internet can be a great tool, there are plenty of folks out there who will seek to take advantage of others for their own gain. Sheriff Chip Meister In this type of fraud a scammer locates their victims on dating websites such as,,,,,, and many other similar sites.

In most cases the frauds are conducted from an African county such as South Africa, Nigeria or Ghana. The scammer often tells the victim their credit cards will not work in a foreign country or they will pay the victims back when they get back to the United States.

The requests for money are often framed with emergencies such as the victim being told the scammer was involved in a car accident and needs money to pay for medical care or the scammer was mugged.

As with all internet frauds, the best way to avoid a romance scam is to meet the person face to face.

There is nothing wrong with dating online, but date people from your general area and go on a date.

3) The scammer will ask the victim to accept packages at the victim's residence for the scammer.

The money orders the victim receives are from victims of other internet scams.If you send money or provide services to a person you have only spoken with online or on the phone you have no way to know if that person is real.This tactic also works for Craig's List type scams.The scammer will tell the victim they need help with a business' payroll or accounts receivable.The scammer will give the victim a list of names and addresses of where the checks are to be sent.

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