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These special folders are what IIS calls , you’ve given your Web server access to them.

If you’ve been developing Web pages for a long time, habit may drive you to open files directly in your browser by double-clicking on the HTML files. NET is a server-side language, your Web server needs to have a crack at the file before it’s sent to your browser for display.

Over 70 components for Intra Web development tool for Web applications including : Trial version requires VCL for the Web (Intra Web) version 12.0.0 or Delphi 2010/XE/XE2/XE3/XE4/XE5/XE6/XE7/XE8/10 Seattle/10.1 Berlin/10.2 Tokyo with default Intra Web version.

Registered version works with all Intra Web 12.x, 14.x, 15.x versions.

Now, without any more ado, let’s start building your ASP. It’s being touted as the "next big thing." Microsoft has invested millions in marketing, advertising, and development to produce what it feels is the foundation of the future Internet. NET is the result of a complete make-over of Microsoft’s software development products, and forms part of the company’s new strategy for delivering software as a service. NET offers include: For years now, Active Server Pages (ASP) has been arguably the leading choice for Web developers building dynamic Websites on Windows Web servers.

It’s a corporate initiative, the strategy of which was deemed so important, that Bill Gates himself, Microsoft Chairman and CEO, decided to oversee personally its development. ASP has gained popularity by offering the simplicity of flexible scripting via several languages.

We’ll also see what’s involved in working with directives, and talk about the different ASP. And you’ll see plenty of practical examples along the way. First, we’ll work through a couple of examples that illustrate the basic principles that apply to programming in these languages such as control and page events, variables, arrays, functions, operators, conditionals, and more.

Intra Web and the TMS Components for Intra Web allow an unprecedented RAD way of web application development with Delphi, making web development as easy as dropping components on a form.

This series covers the basics the new (or practicing) . If you’d prefer to read the Adobe Acrobat PDF version of this information, you can download these 4 chapters FREE.

NET developer will need to know before they being to develop a Website in ASP. It comprises 4 articles: This chapter begins by asking the questions, "What is . If you have a question about any of the information covered in this series, your best chance of a quick response is to post your query in the Site Forums.

If your version of Internet Explorer is earlier than 5.5, you can download the latest version (version 6 SP1 as of this writing) for free from the Internet Explorer Website. NET will work with older versions of IE, certain ASP. NET Framework includes the necessary files to run and view ASP. NET Framework SDK includes samples, documentation, and a variety of free tools. NET Framework SDK also provides you with the ability to install MSDE, the free database server that you can use with this book. NET Framework and SDK are installed, little else needs to be done for you to begin working with ASP. NET Server 2003, in which case you can skip directly to installing the SDK. NET redistributable package, which is approximately 21 MB, and includes the files necessary for running ASP. Download and Install the Redistributable The best method of acquiring the .

NET functionality works best with the latest version. NET Framework is to download and install it directly from the Web.

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