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I was warned by one of my friends that there are people on this website who have multiple profiles.These people could IM you using one profile today and another profile tomorrow. Having said that there are a couple of very rare exceptions where you can kind of, sort of, maybe tell. Let's look at how this all works and why the IP address tells you pretty much nothing.

There are sites that give the 'exact' location of any given IP address, but on entering mine, are not always accurate, although sometimes frighteningly close.In addition, your dating site may well have implemented their own IM system - it's actually not that hard.The single biggest problem with IP addresses and most instant messaging services it this: you're connecting to the service, not to the person you're IMing.even if you do you can ask the person where is he/she located.if he lies, well he is already not saying the true and is not trustfull anyways...

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-Leo Actually, I had a chat with my friend using MSN and I could see his ip on netstat, however every other time I couldn't.

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