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Today the club has more than 5,000 members all over the world, who hold a number of conventions and meetings each year.The club has a Web site ( and publishes a monthly newsletter.It is helpful to any collector to understand the Company's history, particularly in spotting fake material.For instance, if something purports to be an 1890s calendar and has a bottle in it, that's a pretty strong giveaway.I had seen the scales in advertising brochures from that era showing the premiums that were available. We purchased the scales for our archival collection, which documents the Company's marketing and advertising history.The scales have been added to the collection of ourcompany 1,200 pieces displayed at The World of in Atlanta. It's exciting to know that some of the century-old items might still be in someone's attic.

Petretti includes a valuable section that points out examples of counterfeit and fantasy items, including a series of bogus belt buckles peddled for years.

When I speak to collecting groups, I often remark that historical photographs in our collection frequently show advertising pieces that are not represented in our collection. The earliest promotional pieces are the toughest to find.

We only know of a handful of samples of 1890s calendars, for example.

Anything from that decade is considered rare and the prices on the open market reflect it, with some of the older items selling in the ,000 range, depending on their condition.

Competition for these valuable 19th century items is intense, but there are still many collecting niches that are affordable, depending on your personal interests.

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