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Actually, the most common way herpes is transmitted is from an infected partner who doesn't have any visible sores.

(You can get more facts on the STD and how it's transmitted at the CDC's website.) You'll also want to ask your partner if he or she would be willing to talk to their doctor about taking an antiviral medication, such as Valtrex.

It’s not an unlikely scenario—one in six Americans has the disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. They’re actually very slim—as long as you’re smart about it.

In fact, Laureen HD, 31, has a You Tube channel dedicated to helping people cope with herpes and its stigma.

“Disclosing your herpes status to a potential partner is always stressful, no matter how many times you may have disclosed it in the past or how many intimate relationships followed your disclosures,” she tells Bustle.

But, when getting to know a new partner, revealing your STI status isn’t as simple as revealing your favorite place to grab dinner.

In fact, in a recent Bustle Trends Group survey of 226 women ages 18 to 34, one participant said, “It’s hard to admit to having had an STI, there’s so many gross assumptions about promiscuity and uncleanliness.” As another respondent put it, “Women are seen as less sexual beings in society which keeps us from being able to talk about issues without some form of shaming from others.” Sadly, the more women with herpes feel shamed, the more the cycle of stigmatizing the STI continues, and the harder it may be to tell a sexual partner you have herpes.

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A herpes disclosure can affect how physically intimate a relationship will be, but rejection is not a systematic reaction.

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