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The subtle delicacy with which he evokes intense sensuous awareness while avoiding crude titillation is one of the chief marks of his achievement.This he accomplishes largely by indirection, by analogy and by bringing to the foreground the sensuous in the world of nature (or in food, drink, cosmetics and jewelry).It is her experience of love, both as the one who loves and as the one who is loved, that is most clearly expressed.The Song begins with her wish for the lover's kiss and ends with her urgent invitation to him for love's intimacy., , , 21:9) because the promised Messiah was to be a descendant of David.

Rather, it views the Song as a linked chain of lyrics depicting love in all its spontaneity, beauty, power and exclusiveness -- experienced in its varied moments of separation and intimacy, anguish and ecstasy, tension and contentment.

Consistency of language, style, tone, perspective and recurring refrains seems to argue for a single author.

However, many who have doubted that the Song came from one pen, or even from one time or place, explain this consistency by ascribing all the Song's parts to a single literary tradition, since Near Eastern traditions were very careful to maintain stylistic uniformity.

There do appear to be connected scenes in the love relationship (see Outline).

Virtually all agree that the literary climax of the Song is found in 8:6-7, where the unsurpassed power and value of love -- the love that draws man and woman together -- are finally expressly asserted.

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