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‘Not trusting you to have friends of the opposite gender.’ 15. People who load up on credit card debt, can’t control their compulsive urges to purchase stuff they don’t need on impulse buys, aren’t good partners for building long term financial stability.’ 16.

‘There is no say in household chores, they will always have excuses and you will be responsible in keeping THEIR home up to their standards.’ 17.

‘They will violate your privacy but act like you asking them about what they do is uncalled for and irrational.’ 18.

‘Does not like or allow you to show true emotions, actually makes you feel guilty for the way you feel.’ 19.

It’s a big one you can’t leave someone if they have the purse strings.

It makes leaving very difficult especially if you are already isolated.’ 14.

‘When anything happens they make it your fault and you are always wrong.’ 7.

‘If you are afraid to tell them anything in fear of being yelled at or getting negative comments.’ 8.

Feel the Magic: XY/XX follows the events of a man who meets a girl and instantly falls in love; however, she is not nearly as receptive, and the protagonist attempts to win her over, ranging from romantic gestures to protecting her from a stampede of bulls.

It was first released in North America, and was later released in Japan and PAL regions.

It follows the attempts of a young male protagonist to impress a young woman, aided by a group of people known as the "Rub Rabbits" into completing a series of minigames related to the plot.

well, thanks to this quiz, you can now find out!!!!

and in Europe and Australia as Project Rub, is a minigame video game compilation developed by Sonic Team and published by Sega for the Nintendo DS handheld game console.

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  1. I’ve already expressed my argument for why in two posts: one on how critical it is to find the right life partner and how seriously we should take that quest, and another on why going to bars is a terrible life experience.