Dating your roommate

If you know your feelings aren't strong, or that it’s just lust without the potential of going the distance, the risk-reward ratio may convince you to give this relationship a pass before it even gets started.

However, if you think it has a real chance of going somewhere serious, then it’s time to take some action — it’s time to talk to your roommate about what you're feeling.

“It would definitely depend on a number of factors such as how long ago they dated, how long they dated, why the relationship ended,” Leckie tells Elite Daily.

“Most importantly though, you would need to ensure your roommate was 100 percent OK with it.” That won’t be easy, but if you're ready to do that work and take that risk, here is how the experts say you can help improve the odds of making this tricky situation work.

“Be aware though, even if they say they are OK with you dating their ex, they may not be.

Pick up on cues by how they react and be compassionate.

“Your loyalty should lie with your roommate.”However, if the relationship was not serious, or ended a long time ago, it is more likely that your roomie would be cool with it.

“It would be more acceptable if it was a very casual dating situation feel about your potential love interest is really even strong enough to make them worth pursuing.

If you date head-first, you are increasing your chance of enduring relationship success," says House.House cautions, however, that in order for this situation to not blow up your friendship, you have to really consider the feelings of everyone involved.Trina Leckie, breakup coach and host of the podcast agrees.Depending on how close you are with your roommate and what your friendship dynamic is like, this conversation could be awkward — but it’s essential. Maybe they'll give you the green light to pursue their ex, drama-free.However, one thing's for sure, says Winter, and that's that you should have the conversation you pursue the ex — whenever possible.

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“Discussions should have been had long before the romance materialized,” she says.

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