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She announced their separation as her husband was unfaithful in their relationship. in Journalism from the University of South Carolina.

The Friday Night Lights actor was rumored to be dating his co-star, Minka Kelly.Before he knew what hit him, one of them had drawn a knife and sliced into Axelrod’s belly. This interview would be worth reading for the intense anecdotes that characterize David Axelrod’s life. And as we all know, Axelrod is responsible for some of the most dynamic American music ever recorded. We even went one Friday night to the Savoy Ballroom. "Somehow I knew that name, Axelrod." The music was as enigmatic as the man himself. David Axelrod grew up in the Los Angeles of the '30s and '40s, when jazz was the popular music—on the radio, in the clubs, in the backspace of daily life. " He's superstitious—about death, about the mysteries of creative process, or anything close to the heart, it seems.As Axelrod clutched his stomach, cinching what would become a scar he carries to this day, Barnum took his wounded friend upon his shoulders and proceeded to—get this—knock down every last attacker that stepped forward as he made his way from thepark. From David Mc Callum’s “The Edge,” to Adderley’s seminal “Mercy, Mercy, Mercy,” to his divine 1968 debut Song of Innocence, and the prolific beauty that followed —his creativity has never waned. It was such a thrill—who hadn’t heard of the Savoy? "There was always a dissonant edge that set it apart. Fine music bloomed everywhere just for the picking. Also, he warns, "I digress a lot." But the side trips are the main road, his story—the hot rods, the drugs du jour, the hip vernacular salted in for verisimilitude."There's just so much to Dave that people don't understand that I'm excited to show." Taylor Kitsch is David Koresh.WACO, a 6 part TV event, premieres 1.24 on Paramount Network.

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