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He was asked if he is ticklish and where, to which he responded:@Rob Morrow_ Hey, Rob, I'm a HUGE fan! Chloe Bridges (born December 27, 1991) is an American actress known for her roles as Zoey Moreno in the sitcom Freddie (2005) (2005-2006) and as Dana Turner in the Disney Channel original film Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam (2010).His girlfriend Abby is gorgeous-- & they were both so cool with having photos taken & joking around & being really down to earth & sweet. showtopic=3908&st=20 (actor, USA Network's "Suits") has admitted to being ticklish! /ticklergurl200...29072082632704Gilles Marini's answer (private): (Indian actor most famous for his role of Maan Singh Khurana in Indian soap opera "Geet") gets tickled in an episode of the show and has a very natural reaction to it! Viewers who saw it say that Robert was teasing Jude with his fingers, right before going for his armpit and making him jump and burst out laughing. /Sexi Lexi4life/status/104225554361892865 (Filipino actor and comedian) is very ticklish! The fact was revealed by Misha himself, when he answered a fan question during his appearance at the Nashcon 'Supernatural' convention! I work with…uh I don’t know if you heard from him, an actor named Jared Padalecki. When I’m being filmed on a set, if you touch anywhere on my thighs, I will laugh. So I actually get a little bit embarrassed, because Jim Beaver is a rock star, he will not crack no matter what happens.

/cathot3/status/110770214454566912Gabriel's response: Answers to a few queries: Harvey gets punched for good reason, 6ft 175lbs and ticklish, don't know when season 2 airs-presume summer '12. /ticklergurl200...05212588417024Gilles Marini's answer (private message):@Gilles Marini Mind two last questions? Janus: Oo, kasi akala ko maaalis na ako (as Carla starts to tickle him). Mark: There goes one right now. #more-696(it's at ... To answer your question, I am ticklish at my waist and feet. MOn his site, I also find a photo of him and Nina Simone's daughter - Simone - in which they are both laughing and he is tickling her foot! Which is now become a cue for me, so now all Jensen has to do is… So yeah, I’m a little embarrassed about that. watch? starts at ) BREAKING NEWS: Misha is ticklish on his thighs!

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When asked which actor makes each person feel like they have to be anxious and careful around, i.e. He tweeted the following reply:@_Taylor_Gray_ Bucket and Skinner's my new favorite show!

each step is fraught with tension, Nicky wrote Shi Shi, telling everyone not to be fooled by her demureness onscreen.

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