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As you've gotten older, have you ever found being 'an adult' in conflict with the ethic of emo and pop-punk? The reason why, is that I feel like our style changed so much over our career.

I don't know if I ever really felt much attachment to that youth kiddie thing.

The explosive political tracks are broken up by some of the most markedly adult and vulnerable topics Whibley's ever explored, including his marriage and relationship to his absent father.

Even when writing about a complex relationships or political anxiety, however, there's still something teenage about how Whibley writes and sings straight from his gut: all doom, drama and instinctive bursts of emotion.

Your older dude cousin pulls up Sum 41's "In Too Deep" music video on a large desktop computer, behind the closed door of any carpeted game room across suburban America.

You're thirteen, watching Deryck Whibley, Steve Jocz, Dave Baksh and Jason Mc Caslin as spiky-haired and scrawny teenagers, storm a high school diving meet.

The band pairs them with a bigger, brasher, angrier sound than ever, translating their fear and rage directly into the volume, as well as cinematic, dystopic storytelling.

There's nothing dirty or particularly extreme about the upbeat track, which was originally a reggae song. Pop-punk's rebellion had a certain wholesome innocence and the ability, as , out today, arrives at this juncture.

But the door's closed because this is for kids: a celebration of breaking the rules, acting like an idiot, and sticking it to… That's because, unconcerned with rock's radio death, Sum 41 has been happily releasing albums and packing the biggest venues of their career with the genre's niche but enduring global audience.

You laugh out loud as they perform their own disaffected loserhood, making goofy faces as they belly-flop off the high-dive. Sum 41's dirty jokes ("In Too Deep" is clean, but their debut album featured the song "Grab The Devil By The Horns and *** Him Up The ***), chugging stadium riffs, Beastie Boy-lite rapping and snotty teen nihilism first hooked American teens on their breakout album, 2001's Currently, pop-punk, scene and emo are experiencing a revival, after spending nearly a decade as critics' punching bag.

The perfect form of their competitors, toned and Speedo-clad jocks, signals soulless conformity and unutterable lameness. A new era, nicknamed #20ninescene, has emerged as journalists and listeners have begun to appreciate how pop-punk bands provided early community around then-taboo issues like suicide, and also cathartic and mostly harmless — if crude — fun.

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