Dorm dating

For instance: the rule against “floorcest” is meant to prevent post-hookup awkwardness—the idea being that if things end badly, you’re then sharing a lounge, bathroom, and/or communal microwave with a person who broke your heart.

Which, to the minds of the rule-makers, is the most horrifying of all possible outcomes and should be prevented at all costs.

But let’s be real: if you’re mature enough to date, aren’t you also mature enough to handle a modicum of awkwardness if things go sour?

Don’t you think you could manage to occasionally pass an ex-SO in the hallway without shrieking, bawling, or spontaneously bursting into flames? They suck no matter how many rules you follow, or how many precautions you take.

We have a total of six residential colleges, and these pictures show just a few examples of the many types of rooms that are available.

We have buildings dating back to the late 1800s and others that were built within the past few decades.

I’ve heard so many opinions on “inter-floor-dating.” Some people say it’s acceptable, some say avoid it at all costs.But once you move off the app, what do you…If Hamlet had been written and published in 2019, Shakespeare's soliloquy surely would have read, "To flex on one's ex or not to flex on one's ex?That is the question." It's a tale as old as time: You dated someone for a while and it didn't work…When I imagine my perfect date, it usually involves delicious food and wine at a tucked-away spot in my all about signs you're in a bad relationship, because let's face it...haven't we all been there?Download the episode on i Tunes, or listen to it right here! Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to hear more dating tips! Link with us to tell us some of your stories or advice.

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