Double standards in dating practices

A double standard trope exemplifies this; these are tropes whose persistence reveals our collective assumptions about gender roles, drawing in one fashion or another on enduring, often unspoken assumptions that men should be like that a woman should be doing these things.

Women are not the only ones confined into gender roles by the assumptions underlying these tropes.

I’ve been following along in the subreddit for the past month and the advice I share will hopefully put some of these questions to rest for good!

This week alone I’ve seen a mix of people seeking help on job interview outfits, workout clothes, formal wear, men’s clothing, and even outfits for pool parties!

Also, merely being Always Male or Always Female does not a sexist trope make, unless that trope has built-in sexism.

In fact, underhanded sexism (of the "frequently sexist in execution or delivery but not sexist in nature" variety; see below) is most prevalent in tropes that are in theory gender-neutral, but whose examples are in overwhelming majority male or female (where one draws the line may be a matter of opinion).

While the Trope Codifier is on gender, this trope can also affect Race, Religion, Nationality, to even things such as fanbases and more.

See also Aggressive Categorism and the Sliding Scale of Gender Inequality.

In fiction and entertainment, gender-based double standards are the ones most likely to be encountered, so they're the ones this wiki focuses on.To accomplish this, accounting entries consist of two sides or a double entry.Each of the accounts in this equation show on a company's balance sheet and accountants use debit and credit entries to record transactions to each account.Remember that Tropes Are Not Bad, and that many of these tropes are only noteworthy because of their prevalence across entire genres or societies; one example in a particular work doesn't automatically mean anything on its own.It is only the fact that these tropes appear time and again that calls attention to them.

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