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Not far away on a short ferry ride is Macau with its Portuguese influences reflected in its architecture, churches, fortresses and cuisine.A highlight is a thrilling walk around the outside of the Macau Tower while looking down on the city.There are modern high-rises and colourful neighbourhoods such as Chinatown and Little India.Other highlights are outdoor dining on the Singapore River, a visit to the interesting Jurong Bird Park and to Sentosa Island with its museum, aquarium, beaches, shopping and restaurants. There is the cosmopolitan capital, Kuala Lumpur, the island of Penang with its excellent beaches and charming, historical Georgetown, the hill retreats of the Genting and Cameron Highlands, the world’s largest rainforest, Taman Negara, the beautiful resort of Langkawi and the fascinating Portuguese and Chinese-influenced Malacca.If the allure of the exotic Far East results in a planned visit to Asia, there is then the decision on which destinations to select. There are differences in language, history, customs, religions, cuisines and local scenery. Beijing’s highlights include the Great Wall and the Imperial Palace, also known as the Forbidden City. Xian, China’s ancient capital, is home to the legendary 2000-year-old Terra Cotta Warriors. China is the fastest developing country in the world thus providing the opportunity to see where this destination is heading as well as being able to experience its 4000-year history.

There is outstanding shopping ranging from vibrant street markets such as the incomparable Stanley Market to stores selling luxury brand merchandise.Then there are the legendary Komodo Dragons on the island of Komodo, the world’s largest lizards and a sight not to be missed.Singapore is a melting pot of three distinct cultures, Malay, Chinese and Indian which all come together in the country’s architecture, traditions, food and people.Brunei, on the island of Borneo, boasts some unique architecture in its capital, Bandar Seri Begawan.This includes the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque and the Royal Palace.

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