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If I did conceive on Jan 18 I would be 41 almost 42 weeks now.I had an ultrasound on Monday that said I was 36 wks & the baby weighed 6lbs.An internal palpation and ultrasound test is more accurate.A 7 week ultrasound would be more accurate than a 13 week one especially if it agreed with your lmp.Do you still agree that it is impossible that I got pregnant from the Jan 19th encounter?it is impossible for you to have gotten pregnant in January...The location of the fluid is pinpointed through x ray or ultrasound.Ultrasound is a more accurate method when the effusion is small.

Ultrasounds ARE not off that much - and NOT by a month In my answers above I had explained how far off your ultrasounds can be so you do NOT need to worry -so your first ultrasound is the MOST accurate and ONLY off by at most a few days - NOT a month. Trust your doctor, if you can not trust your doctor, then I suggest finding a new doctor ...honestly your fears are Unfounded - and you can stop worrying.A sedative may be administered in some cases but is generally not recommended. Women have cycles that are not all the same length but most women ovulate 14 days before a period is due. At 7 weeks ultrasounds are accurate to within 3 days. Because an ultrasound at 7 weeks and one at 18 weeks use different methods for estimating gestational age, they have different levels of accuracy.In general, a skilled sonographer's 7 week ultrasound is more accurate for dating than a skilled…Hello, Go ahead and review everything I have said - honestly - I have covered everything you are worried about - and it is hard to second guess a doctor without having ALL the paperwork in front of me - which I do not have. But the ultrasounds could not be off a month, hence me being a month further along.I just keep worrying because I hear that ultrasounds arent as accurate if performed abdominally, but surely the difference between a vaginal and abdominal ultrasound cannot be a month correct?

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