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The main point of contention in the case were some 140 lawsuits from plaintiffs, primarily from the families of 84 people whose deaths have been linked to the faulty […] This is the first installment of a new series in which we recommend and summarize some of the most notable offerings from the various blogs of law firms specializing in corporate restructuring.

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Kurtzman Carson Consultants LLC ("KCC") does not guarantee or warrant that the data provided herein is accurate, complete, or current and shall not be liable to you for any loss or injury arising out of or caused in whole or in part by the acts, errors or omissions of KCC, whether negligent or otherwise, in procuring, compiling, gathering, formatting, interpreting, reporting, communicating or delivering the information contained in this website.We advise buyers and other investors in financially distressed companies, helping them minimize risk and maximize opportunity.We represent financial institutions and intellectual property licensors and licensees in structuring transactions to mitigate the specialized counterparty insolvency risk associated with financial markets, securities and commodities trading, and intellectual property.From billion-dollar fraudulent transfer cases, hotly contested plan confirmation litigation and appellate resolution of cutting-edge bankruptcy issues to multinational chapter 11 restructurings,  Wilmer Hale’s Bankruptcy and Financial Restructuring Group helps its clients confront the most novel and complex problems of insolvency and financial distress.Whether structuring transactions to avoid these problems, closing transactions to address them, or litigating their effects, Wilmer Hale is on the leading edge of bankruptcy-related practice across industries and geographies.

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KCC's Corporate Restructuring Court Documents Search provides access to thousands of historical court documents located on KCC public access websites.

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