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A man that can love me for whom i am and care for me, A man that can give me affection, Emotional soar, Love, Care,and most important a man to trust and to be trusted , i hope all this isnt much to ask from a man to be with?

lovinghttps://com/community/uploads/emoticons/heart_i wanna meet loving girl who is very good in sex, I we truely love her with my body and soul and take her around the word looooove i wanna tease her, give her romantic kisses all over the faces like slow sex - want to enjoy the tiny emotions and heat of the moment dont believe in domination - dont like it want someone who can understand the feelings, state of mind and react accordingly I am an athleticly built guy who needs big boobed,prefurably short or small framed girls who Love to suck cock and live to do so. I also pride myself in the ability to make all girls cum to the point of an emotional release and then even higher to the point of squirting Cum play with me 24/7/365 Goths are a sub-culture that often get written off by 'normal' people.

sometimes, I would spend entire nights nestled between her thighs... sucking softly on her labia and clitoris, sliding my tongue lovingly up and down between her buttocks, her cheeks so smooth and delightful against my mouth...

her lips trembling, mouth all a-quiver with unrestrained passion... the way she would sigh softly and langorously as I tenderly kissed and licked her arsehole... it felt so good, to please her, and pleasure her, and make her come all over my face, time and time again, every day...

and the sound of her pleasure and unfettered delight would always make me even hornier... and then spend a long delicious time thoroughly licking her pussy and arse clean...

There can also be a strong BDSM element to their look.

Leather, latex, costumes, whips and chains can be integrated into a Gothic persona or also for kinky sexual play. You might also like: BDSM, Corsets, Leather Threesomes. Threesomes with two men and a woman are common; sometimes both men are going to be with the woman one after the other, or all three are going at it simultaneously.

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