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The main television series, however, rarely delves into detail on the government of Equestria, beyond its executive branch and the various political officials of the Ponyville township.The legislature branch is a quasi-parliamentary system with meetings of representatives attending summits, such as the "Grand Equestria Pony Summit", which take place periodically, in order to pass laws and determine policy.Centuries of tension between the griffins, ponies, dragons, and changelings peacefully concluded, with all factions becoming unlikely allies.This is the era most detailed by the main comics, television series, and video games, and is therefore fully canon, according to the show writers.During her reign as the sole monarch, Princess Celestia was regarded as an almost deity-like mythical figure by her subjects, depicted in various myths and legends throughout Equestrian history.

Further alternate realities include one ruled by Discord, one in which Tirek ravages the land, one in which Flim and Flam bulldoze the Everfree Forest for development, and one in which Equestria is reduced to a barren wasteland.

Large battles and conflicts against villains were also held during its time period.

In "The Cutie Re-Mark", several alternate versions of Equestria are depicted as a result of Starlight Glimmer changing history.

The judiciary branch upholds rule of law and provides formal legal code, granting citizens and subjects basic "pony rights" that even the rulers are obliged to respect and enforce.

The justice system sanctions heavily favors leniency, mandatory "friendship lessons" and the rehabilitation of criminals into reformed citizens; zero tolerance in the form of life incarceration, such as in Tartarus, or banishment to places such as alternate worlds, are reserved for the most dangerous and unrepenting villains.

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