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My paternal grandparents, Woodrow Wilson Brown and Rita Mordica Brown at an unknown Hattiesburg, MS, function in 1939.On the way to 40 years of marriage, eight children, and countless grandchildren.—Christopher Brown My grandparents James and Mary Turner. They were married at age 18.—Warren Mullis My grandparents John and June were high school sweethearts in the tiny town of Maynardville, TN. In the mid-1990s, 45 years after they were married, my grandfather ran a little ad in the newspaper among other Valentine’s wishes that simply said, “June, What do you say we go for another 45 years?This photo was taken on the wharf in Point Clear, AL. We still have the house in Point Clear but this wharf has been replaced numerous times due to hurricanes.Every time one hits and takes away the wharf Mom says she is never going to build one again, but Dad always does!

This beautiful couple was happily married for 48 years until my father’s death in 2012.—Leslie Conroy David Thompson (Little Rock, AR) and Maidee Tabeling Thompson (Jacksonville, FL) did not get a honeymoon vacation. Peterson, serving my mother, Ruth Peterson, breakfast in bed on a Sunday morning at their getaway cabin in the piney woods outside of Ailey, GA.

He’s from Statesville, NC, and she was from Philadelphia. Love, John.” This picture is from sometime after they married. Before being sent overseas, my mother followed him wherever he was stationed and would work in the office of the war plants making half tracks.

After raising a family in Richmond they retired to a cottage on the Rappahannock River near Urbanna, site of years of summer family gatherings.—Bill Le Sueur This is a photo of my great-grandfather, Chester Arthur Mullis, and my great-grandmother, Mary Carter Mullis. —Laura Beth Ingle These are my parents, Garland and Lavilla Owens. In 1944, he was sent overseas to Europe until 1946.

They would get married a year later prior to my father joining the Army and serving in the 2nd Infantry in Korea. They were married 58 years.—Jeff Martin My parents, Bill and Ruby Hawn-Jones.

They met and were married in the early 1940s, raised three children together, and created precious family memories throughout their 50-year marriage.

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They raised ten children in Berrien County, GA, and eventually celebrated their 50th anniversary in 1949, a few short years before Joe’s death in 1953.—Julie Hutson When my grandparents Claudene and George Henry started courting George went to church everyday and prayed, “Please, Lord if you give this woman to me I will take care of her and love her for the rest of my life.” My grandmother eventually gave in and my grandpaw spent the next 65 years caring for and loving her every minute until he passed away last May.—Georgia Perry My grandfather William H. Goff at my grandfather’s 1953 senior prom at du Pont Manual High School in Louisville, KY.

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  1. For his services to the King of Spain, he was granted a vast stretch of land on the east shore of San Francisco Bay (the contra costa, "opposite shore") for a ranch, including that portion that now comprises the City of Berkeley.