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Working with external configuration files at run time is transparent, and requires no special coding.

To store connection strings in an external configuration file, create a separate file that contains only the connection Strings section.

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The external configuration file is then referenced by the main configuration file.

Storing the connection Strings section in a physically separate file is useful in situations where connection strings may be edited after the application is deployed. NET behavior is to restart an application domain when configuration files are modified, which results in state information being lost.

Embedding connection strings in your application's code can lead to security vulnerabilities and maintenance problems.

Unencrypted connection strings compiled into an application's source code can be viewed using the (IL Disassembler) tool.

External configuration files are not limited to ASP.

When retrieving connection strings by provider name from the app.config file in a Windows application, the connection strings in machine.config get loaded first, and then the entries from app.config.

Adding clear immediately after the connection Strings element removes all inherited references from the data structure in memory, so that only the connection strings defined in the local app.config file are considered. NET Framework 2.0, Configuration Manager is used when working with configuration files on the local computer, replacing the deprecated Configuration Settings.

NET; they can also be used by Windows applications.

In addition, file access security and permissions can be used to restrict access to external configuration files.

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In the main application configuration file, you use the config Source attribute to specify the fully qualified name and location of the external file.

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