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Can be under the Indian Act election system, a custom system, or under the provisions of a self-governing agreement.

Both Sainte-Marie & Aglukark have garnered a reputation as proud & strong Canadian Indigenous Women who captivated their global audiences with their music, activism, humanitarian efforts, culture, and knowledge!

While the "Indian Act Band" ceased to exist, the individuals who were registered as Indians in affiliation with that former band continue to be entitled to recognition as status Indians, and are still identified collectively, despite the fact that the Band itself no longer exists.

An example of a band with members in multiple registry groups would be the Stoney Band in the Alberta Region.

The Stoney Band is identified by Number 471 and it consists of three Registry Groups under which its members are registered: Chiniki (Number 433), Bearspaw (Number 473) and Wesley (Number 475). Affiliation of an individual with a particular registry group in the Indian Registration System is based on ancestry and may not equate to local band membership rules.

The law under which membership (or citizenship) is determined. Membership (or citizenship) may be determined by self-government instruments operating outside of the Indian Act.

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