Fred armisen dating abby elliott

Saturday Night Live alum and Portlandia star Fred Armisen is officially dating Orange is the New Black actress Natasha Lyonne.The actors made their official debut as a couple at a series of parties before and after the 2014 Emmy Awards on Monday night.Wiig was the main actress in the cast and then a bunch of women came and went: Abby Elliot, Casey Wilson, Jenny Slate, Michaela Watkins.alum took Lyonne to Lorne Michaels' pre-Emmys bash at Tower Bar, where they mingled with fellow celebrity guests Jeff Goldblum, Jon Hamm, Anna Kendrick and Seth Meyers.

However, it's difficult to recall any popular original characters, which might be why Elliot is looking elsewhere for work.

I think her only characters from her first season were Rachel Maddow and Angelina Jolie and they weren't fantastic.

But she did them well enough and they needed a cast member that could imitate attractive young female celebrities too.

However, based on this Larry King clip, she didn't have a great time there.

I wonder if she got steamrolled by Wiig like Spade got steamrolled by Carvey when he was there, and she quit before she could find her own "Hollywood Minute."I’m sure the Armisen relationship played a part.

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