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Winter suggests you pose a hypothetical question to yourself.

“If I could only choose one classification for this person, which would it be: Having them as a friend, or having them as a lover?

You can sit on your couch, cry over stupid work problems, and gossip about that mean girl who lives down the street. Things get tricky when the lines start to get blurred — look out for the subtle signs you might be falling in love with your best friend.

We hear stories about people who fell for their best friend when they were least expecting it, but how do you know if this is happening to you?

You just can’t connect with anyone you’re going out with, and you’d much rather hang with your bestie instead.

“When you start to compare your exes and new potentials, all you seem to highlight are negative things,” Silva notes.

Behavioral scientist Clarissa Silva and relationship expert Susan Winter know how to spot the signs, and they’re sharing their best tips with all of us.

It is possible to maintain the relationship while still giving yourself space to work through your emotions. It’s more common than you might expect that best friends fall for one another — after all, you already know you get along so well!

Every friendship is different, so it will be up to you to determine what the best course of action is for the two of you.

“They are your ‘ideal’ partner because you already know they will complement your goals and desires and assist in fulfilling your dreams,” she says.

You know them and feel comfortable with them, so it feels natural that they would become your number one person.“You can’t help but keep tabs on their love life, telling yourself it’s out of concern for their well-being,” Winter explains.

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Sometimes it’s difficult to discern when your feelings are shifting.

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